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Rituals & Ceremonies

Ritual and ceremonies in Rajasthan
Rajasthan- the royal land of splendour and vivacity is a treasure trove of many rituals and ceremonies that are performed here. The majestic land of mystic charm exhibits countless traditions that mark their entire lives.

Jhadula- the haircut ceremony
People of Rajasthan perform this ceremony at the shrines of Shiva. Popularly known as Jhadula, this ceremony has a religious significance. Newborns are brought to the shrines of Shiva- Bhaironji for the haircut.

Marriage- the unification of two souls
Marriages are made in heaven but are celebrated on the Earth. Keeping this belief in view, Rajasthani weddings are celebrated with a style befitting the royals. Following all customs and rituals, the marriage provides a nice opportunity for families to come close and celebrate a splendid occasion. After setting a date for the wedding, the groom's family sends bridal dress and necklace that she must wear for the ceremony. Her face is kept veiled all the time and seven 'feras' rounds are taken, vows are exchanged and a feast is organised for the grooms' side.

Kajli Teej
Kajli teej is celebrated on the third day of the month Bhadra (July/August). Goddess Parvati is worshipped in this festival. The festivities last for only eight days, finally coinciding with Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.